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Storm, Cassie and Abbey

My dog Storm is a English Cocker Spaniel, I brought her when she was not quite seven weeks old. The pictures on the left and right are of her when she was exactly seven weeks old. She was one of two cocker pups for sale, she had a sister who was brown and a lot bigger then her. Storm was a lot smaller and I thought prettier then her sister. I was nearly going to purchase both of them, but was pipped by someone else who had just taken Storm's sister. When I first looked at her I could see that she had a lot of character and would be a very good friend and companion to us. I must admit that I didn't know anything about cockers. She was this cute and cuddly little ball of fluff and was so soft.

When Storm was 7 months old we noticed how she was limping around and to us seemed in a lot of pain, so off to the vets we took and to our disbelief she was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia of both the hips. We took her to a orthopaedic surgeon who looked at her x rays and told us that the only chance that she could have a normal life is to get her to have a full hip replacement would cost us a few thousand dollars.

She is now two years old and still giving us a lot of joy and sometimes can be a pain. She is so loyal to me and it doesn't matter what I do or how much I yell or scold her for things, she always comes to me. What they say about your pet been loyal is so true. I find that they are more loyal then my own children.


The newest addition to the clan is "CASSIE", she became part of the family on 26th January 2003. This photo was taken about half an hour after she was purchased.

Storm is now coming up 4 yrs old and is still as boisterous as ever, she is still the boss of the household and lets everyone that enters the house know. She has now got a new playmate and I expect she will teach her to follow in her paw prints. Cassie has now been with us for two weeks and she and Storm seem to be inseparable. She follows Storm everywhere and mimics all that she does. They are becoming the best of mates now. All Cassie wants to do is bite any and everything she can get her teeth into. Just because she is four legged and she knows that she is not a dog, she can get into the festive season and even has her own costume.

Storm in the backyard striking a pose...

Cassie has now settled into the household. She has latched on to Storm like she is her mother. Cassie is growing very fast and seems to have a endless supply of energy. She had her first bath today (13/02/03) and after I finished bathing her she scampered back to the garage to get away. I don't think that she was too impressed about having a bath. I was half expecting her to go and roll in the dirt as Storm had done . When I went into the garage I had the opportunity to see them chasing each other around.


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